It’s an exciting time to be at ECT Services. As we prepare to celebrate our 40th anniversary this fall, we continue to chat with our team leaders about their tenure with our team and their thoughts on the future.

Scott Kohler, Director of Sales, has spent the past eight years as a member of ECT.

In that time, he’s seen the team evolve into a collective unit. Operations and Sales collaborate to be sure both sides have proper information – not that this didn’t always exist, but there’s been a targeted effort to make it happen over the past few years.

The biggest change to come about has been the concerns over cyber security. Department heads like having remote access to their systems, but there are challenges consistently brought to the forefront by IT departments. ECT works with customers on their cyber security to be sure they have the safest systems possible and advise clients through any concerns on the matter. Collaborating directly with IT departments is something the team does often and Scott feels it helps us be successful on behalf of their customers. In many cases, our team has helped customers determine the best policies and procedures to protect their equipment.

As we move forward, Scott says cybersecurity for systems on a network will continue to be a main focal point for customers.

The biggest challenge he said the team has right now is finding qualified technicians with experience. So.. if you’re looking to join our team, now might be a good time.

Another item Scott’s noticed the past few years is AI being so important for temperature controls. We’ve written about this before and how buildings are becoming smarter, responding to usage and predicting weather’s impact on interior temperatures.

One thing we want to know from these 40th anniversary discussions is what gets our team excited to get up and come to work. In Scott’s case, it’s the team unity. “It’s a true dynamic where everybody cares,’ he says. “Going to work where everybody cares about others makes a big difference. It really is a team effort here – everybody cares about doing the right thing for the customer, making sure they have an excellent experience all the way through.”

What will our next 40 years look like? “I think the company will continue to grow. We’ve had great growth, throughout North America and elsewhere. With remote capabilities, the opportunities are endless.”

“When I think back on our 40 years as a company, it makes me feel proud. This privately owned and operated company hasa been around for 40 years, we’re nimble and agile, flexible with customers and have a personal touch that only a private company brings.”