While school and workplace shootings often grab headlines, active shooters also turn up at other venues. Churches, nightclubs, shopping malls – any place people gather is at risk of an attack.

 That means the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Protection system is showing up in some unusual places.

Guardian uses acoustic and infrared sensors to automatically detect shots fired and initiates response, including alerting authorities and those in the vicinity. Guardian integrates with other systems to trigger alerts, lock doors and more. Guardian reduces emergency response time significantly.

At the recent ASIS 2017, one of the largest trade shows for security professionals, Shooter Detection Systems introduced its three latest Guardian installations.
Among them is a large aquarium. As a large, busy venue bustling with people and filled with thousands of living creatures, such a venue might present an attractive target for a shooter bent on making a statement and getting attention. The Guardian system is being integrated with other systems to automatically record video in the event of an incident.

A large automotive manufacturing facility also recently installed a Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Protection System. One of the unique challenges to overcome was the presence of significant amounts of gunshot-imitating noises and noises and flashes of light present in an environment where steel and other materials are being manipulated. The Guardian system is integrated with an email and audio alarm system that will alert workers to danger in nine different languages. A client system was also integrated into local first responders’ systems that will help make response faster and more accurate.

A professional sports association is also installing Guardian in its home offices, with plans to expand installation in offices, facilities and venues throughout its franchise network of affiliated teams.

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