Integrated Building Controls

Imagine your integrated building, as it becomes occupied or unoccupied, operating as needed without human intervention: utilizing energy efficiently in a secure environment. ECT Services installs integrated automated systems for your structure using quality products and services, while working with your existing equipment, to create a flexible and full featured solution. 

With the challenges your organization faces today, finding a technology partner you can trust, to challenge your thinking about getting the most from various building systems, can make all the difference in taking your organization to the next level. Comprehensive integration of your structural HVAC, energy and security operations is key to unlocking:

  • Accessibility to crucial data to better determine energy strategy and performance
  • Efficiencies in energy consumption, operational costs and productivity
  • Ease of control with singular work station user interface
  • Flexibility to upgrade newer system software and hardware components working with your existing equipment seamlessly

An automation systems control can integrate climate, lighting and security systems and works as a singular access point for controlling, monitoring and scheduling the many components within your facility.  ECT Services will help you wrangle in all your current building systems and find ways to reduce your current energy costs that so often ‘overwhelm’ the bottom line.  Our technicians’ recommendations may be as simple as altering your current equipment schedules via automation.  ECT Services excels at finding solutions unique to your business and your facility.

It is common for a facility to have varied climate devices and hardware, often from different manufacturers.  Their functionality can range from air-operated (pneumatic), electronically-operated, and some electrically-operated.  Within the same building, the ages of individual climate devices may vary greatly, as well.  At ECT, our technicians are fully trained and certified to incorporate legacy systems, while taking advantage of current innovations in technology, providing an open platform for future growth.  Conserve energy and increase comfort with automated temperature control installation.

ECT Services offers product innovations in intelligent lighting control.  Imagine eco-friendly total lighting control that acts in the company’s best interest whether your staff is actively in the building or away. Automated lighting control integrates with motion sensors to determine when to dim or turn off lights when rooms are unoccupied. Lighting automation can deactivate all interior lights as exterior floodlighting is turned on for energy balance. Whatever your needs, intelligent lighting control systems are designed to give you a level of command and innovation that goes far beyond the norm resulting in significant energy savings.

For over 40 years ECT Services has been building relationships with manufacturers that offer superior products for building management, guaranteeing our customers long term success.

Our Partners Include: