Building Security Systems


ECT Services comprehensive security products include:

Access Control Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

Digital Video Recording and Retrieval Systems

Video Analytics

Digital Video Transmission Systems

Electronic Asset Tracking & Protection Systems

Intercom & Emergency Communication Systems

ID Badging Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems

Fiber Optic Security Networks

Biometric Verification Technologies

Smart Card Technologies

Networked Security Applications (LAN/WAN)

Custom Software Development and Integration

Turnstiles, Optical and Mechanical

Door Hardware

Gunshot Detection Systems

Your company’s emergency plan should involve a security system that automatically detects whether the noise was really a gunshot, where the noise originated, and alerts the authorities—less than one minute after the gunshot.

Shooter Detection Systems will take the difficulty out of your assessment. The sensors in the system let those in the office know a shooter is active in the building – at that moment. Using both sound and infrared detection make false positives less likely, which helps to more quickly assess that a shooter is, indeed, active in the building.


12.5 Minutes: Average duration of an active shooter incident

18 Minutes: Average response time of emergency response/law enforcement

Fact: In the majority of active shooter incidents, emergency response time greatly exceeded the incident duration – could not stop the shooter or prevent further deaths or injuries. decreased response time, and incident duration yields a reduction of deaths and injuries

For over 40 years ECT Services has been building relationships with industry leading manufacturers that offer superior products for building security.

We are an Axis Gold Solution Partner.  This camera line is so durable and robust, it survived the Henryville, Indiana tornado in March of 2012.  See the impressive video in the link below: