Throughout the years, we’ve had the opportunity to not just work with our clients, alone, but also to partner with agencies like ours. You might think that seems counter-intuitive…how can we partner with competitors? Well, here’s the thing: security is a pretty big topic. While some agencies focus on security guards, others specialize in equipment. Still others specialize in monitoring. And, of course, some specialize in incorporating all the controls (temperature, security, video, etc) so that everything is kept as secure as possible. It’s important that customers have resources for getting the best out there for each kind of security.

Through our network of customers, we’ve had the opportunity to work with security agencies who focus more on the world of personal security – bodyguards, security officers – but want to bring the best and brightest in other areas of security to their clients.

Partnering with these types of agencies across the country allows us to bring our expertise in security systems, controls, integration, equipment, monitoring and surveillance to their team. In some cases we are a behind-the-scenes vendor (IE “white-labeled”) and in some cases we work directly with the client as a separate vendor. Either way works for us.

What we enjoy about this type of work is the collaboration, the partnership, to bring the best available services forward for any particular client. The security agencies who bring us in our typically the lead contact who have a long-term relationship with the client. They know details about what the client needs, but may not have the expertise or capability to handle the service in-house.

We find that working with agencies in this manner is invigorating for our team members. We can get creative and come up with the best solutions to fit specific needs. It’s really no different than designing and customizing a system for a commercial facility, but it brings a new level of privacy and we’ve proven to be trusted in that type of situation.

As we continue to scale this type of service, we continue to grow ECT Services and appreciate the many partnerships we’ve built through this type of collaboration.