Our team has done some self-reflection lately as we continue to talk about our 40th anniversary and look toward the future. Over and over again, the theme of our culture comes up. Today I want to tell you about one example.

One of our newer, younger team members lost his father recently. Many of us have been through this, many of us are in that sandwich generation and are headed toward this fate as well. It’s not unusual for co-workers to show up at a celebration of life ceremony, but for us, it’s not even a question. We just do it. Because when one team member is down, we’re all down, together.

Sometime last week, this gentleman approached me just to let me know how much he appreciated the effort. He doesn’t have other family locally, so we were glad to be able to stand up as his local family for him.

This is just what we do and who we are. It defines us.

I just feel very strongly about that cultural piece. Even our spouses are on board with our team. They get along and they believe in our work family being our family. Even when some of us differ on opinions or personal politics, we are still be one team, together.

Perhaps this isn’t unusual. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe more companies out there feel this way about the place where they spend so much time. But I believe we’re different. And I believe it shows not only to our team, but to our customers