We’ve shared before some top tips for planning ahead for seasonal temperature changes. Some of our top tips are included here.

This year we are going a step further to be sure you know about the services available. We are currently offering a comprehensive pre-summer maintenance service for our customers’ Building Automation Systems.

Think your a/c is scheduled to lower-energy use in the evenings? How can you be sure without a schedule checkup?

We’ll check all systems, make an assessment on your Jace Controls to be sure they have the latest cyber secure equipment and we’ll check all humidity controls levels.

We’ll take an overall audit of your building or space to see if improvements need to be made for your energy use as well as your comfort.

There’s no reason for half the building to be freezing and the other half sweltering. Let’s take a look at your systems and their automations and see if we can make it better.

There’s also no reason for your energy bill to be any higher than it needs to be. We consistently find ways to make your building better. Even if you decide your building is just fine… it’s good to have your current systems checked for proper functionality.

Call today to schedule: 800-567-1180.