We recently invited business owners and law enforcement into our office to witness a demonstration of the Active Shooter Detection system in action. This was a “live fire” event and participants had the opportunity to see first-hand how this system cuts time and saves lives in an active shooter event. Below is a recap, focusing on one of the main points discussed:

In an active shooter situation, what are the two biggest unknowns? Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 2.02.31 PM

1. Where the shooter is currently located.

2. Whether or not there’s actually an active shooter.

Current safety drill protocol operates under the assumption that both of those factors are known: “There’s a shooter, and the shooter is located in the East hallway.”

But in real-world situations, those facts often aren’t nailed down immediately. It typically takes more than six and a half minutes for those facts to become clear and authorities to be alerted, according to ECT Services’ James Burton.

Why the delay? It’s the human factor, says Burton. It takes precious minutes for people to process what they are seeing or hearing and take action.

“When we had the live demonstration and the gun was shot down the hall, in the back of the building, I don’t know that I would have assumed it was a gun shot. It sounded like a heavy book dropping to the ground,” said an attendee at the recent educational event hosted by ECT Services.

That early delays means it takes an average of 6 minutes for authorities to be notified and as long as 18 minutes for help to arrive on the scene. Even then, crucial facts – like the location of the shooter – may be missing.

Technology can reduce or remove the early uncertainty. Shooter Detection Services’ Guardian system identifies a threat as soon as a shot is fired, pinpointing the location and tracking movements through a facility. Authorities are alerted with accurate information immediately, and additional safety measures – such as door locks – can be triggered.

“I saw first-hand how this system would have saved my life, and the lives of all the others in the room,” said the education event attendee.

Additional educational events are being scheduled. Contact James Burton at 502.632.4322 or email sales@ectservices.com.