Industry events are worth the time and resource investment for a couple of reasons:
Events offer the opportunity to learn and be inspired by the best in the industry. Organizers work hard to plan programs that include top notch keynote speakers and workshop leaders. Conferences offer attendees a one-stop shop for a wide range of issues, plus the opportunity to learn alongside your peers.

Conferences offer invaluable networking time with your peers. Who is struggling through the same challenges you are facing? Who has already figured it out and is ready to share what they have learned? What are best practices? Peers often have the answers, and the relationships formed in person may last long after the event has ended.

Companies often roll out new products at industry conference. For instance, Axis rolled out a new line of Infrared Illumination (IR) cameras at ISC West earlier this month. Attendees got a look at the new cameras, which feature, pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) and fixed dome cameras, bullet, fisheye and panoramic cameras, and discreet sensors units.

There’s a lot of value to be discovered in exhibits. The exhibit hall alone is worth the price of admission at an industry conference. Fun freebies and swag aside, exhibits often offer you the chance to see the best products in your industry in action. Best of all, you’ll have the chance to meet knowledgeable company representatives in person to discuss the products and solutions they offer, and your specific needs. It’s often like having a free consultation on your terms, and offers you the opportunity to kick off key conversations and relationships.

We’ll be attending the North American State Facilities Administrators National Conference and Resource Expo on June 3 – 6 in Santa Fe. NAFSA members are responsible for the planning, development, operations and maintenance of state facilities, and include facilities professionals in the departments of administration, transportation, real estate, parks, corrections, human services, and colleges and universities. That’s a really diverse group, and we’re looking forward to the educational and networking opportunities, and we’re also looking forward to greeting visitors at our booth in the expo hall.

What conferences do you plan to attend this year?