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A new year is here, and now is a great time to set goals and make improvements. Overwhelmed? Here’s where to start:

  1. Maximize efficiency by integrating systems wherever possible. Getting a birds-eye view of all your building systems – HVAC, lighting, fire detection, security and more — results in a number of efficiencies. Integrated systems can help you spot maintenance issues before they become costly, critical failures. Integrated systems can also help you identify inefficient systems and processes that are sucking up resources. An audit of your building systems can help you identify integration opportunities.
  2. Make friends with your data. If your systems are integrated, you likely have some nice pools of data to review. That data on your systems can offer you some interesting insights into your energy use, potential security gaps and more. Understanding these data patterns can help you get ahead of trends and get the most out of your systems. Schedule some time to sift through your data with fresh eyes and a longer view.
  3. Review security protocols. In the last year, new threats to public safety surfaced. Are your policies, procedures and systems up to speed? Now is the time to review all three. Because threats seem to be becoming more sophisticated, it may be helpful to tap into a consultant with expertise in this area.

Here’s to a healthy, happy and productive 2016!