It’s always exciting when we can announce a promotion within our team. Patrick Fisher has been in our industry for six years; almost half of those have been spent with ECT Services.

He says he initially chose to join the ECT Team while he was working with a local distributor, and had a relationship with ECT Services as we were his customer. As we talk about often, relationships are so much a part of who we are and what we do, and that rings true no matter if we are on the vendor side or the customer side.

Patrick and Kevin Mosby, ECT’s Service Account Engineer, became friendly and started playing golf together regularly. One particular time, Scott Kohler, ECT’s director of Sales joined them for a round. As luck would have it (for both of us) – there happened to be an inside sales position open for the Security Sales team. The rest, as it’s said, is history. Patrick has done a phenomenal job for the team, and this promotion is well-deserved.

I asked Patrick his thoughts about current technologies and trends in the security space. He says “video surveillance has taken a fascinating turn. Technology now exists to not just capture an incident, but we now have the capability to live-video monitor sites to prevent incidents in real-time. OptaSense is an exciting perimeter detection system that uses above or below ground fiber to monitor critical areas.” We’re working with clients to discover if this type of technology would benefit their company. In many cases, it does.

As I so often do in these spotlight pieces, I asked him for a favorite quote or mantra he lives by. I particularly like his answer:

“Too many Bible verses, movie quotes, and song lyrics for me to narrow down. Lately I have been reading about  what Alabama Head football coach Nick Saban calls, ‘The Process’, in which individuals and teams ‘focus on the present instead of pas events or future outcomes, and believe that all actions one takes in life, regardless of how trivial they may seem, affect the desired outcome’. Worrying about past mistakes or future outcomes gets in the way of focusing on the present.

My goal at ECT Services is to show up everyday to serve our customers and our ECT team members. Do this day in and day out, and our customers, along with ECT Services, will be successful.”

Patrick we’re glad you’re part of the team. Thanks for all you do!