Today we are shining the spotlight on another new member of our team.

Justin Kelley, Systems Programmer, has been in the industry for eight years and joined ECT Services earlier this year.

I asked him why he chose ECT Services. Like many before him, it’s our internal culture that ignites that feeling of “I want to work here.” Specifically, Justin said “the team-first culture and the ability to continue my growth in the security industry” was a driving force. He enjoys working in what he calls a “fluid environment” with different customers around the world. Though his position is in systems programming, Justin is able to help on other projects and support team mates, which furthers his knowledge and capability.

As with all our team members, Justin is committed to his work for the clients. He says “Physical security plays an integral part in the overall success of businesses. While this will impact companies’ capital costs, providing a safe and secure work environment will allow team members across an organization to thrive. ” Who wouldn’t want this kind of attitude on their project?

We are lucky to have Justin on board, and we know our customers feel the same.

We want to end this team spotlight with one of Justin’s favorite quotes by Coach Bill Belichick: “Do your job, Work hard, Be attentive, Put the team first.”

Spot on.