I am often asked how many employees we have at ECT Services, Inc.  I always smile a little inside when asked, because I am about ready to provide an answer most people are not expecting.  My answer is always the same, “Zero, we have no employees”.  I always get a strange look as if to say, “What?  No employees?  How do you get work done?”  I quickly let them off the hook by telling them, “We have 37 Team Members”.  Then I get the, “Oh, I get it”, look.

While it may seem to be a small change in wording, it is a culture we have embraced and continue to develop for more than three decades.

We want our customers to enjoy a unique and excellent experience when working with ECT.  For this to happen consistently, we must ensure our Team Members enjoy a unique and excellent experience working at ECT, so they are fully engaged when serving our customers and the community.

We value our people beyond their working hours, beyond their ups and downs, beyond their just showing up and being here.  We value them as humans, as key contributors to our success and spend tremendous time and effort to ensure they “feel” like Team Members and not cogs in an endless wheel of work.