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Safely screening at entryways

As quickly as the world is changing, so is the technology. At ECT Services we are already on version 2 of our newest product: ScreenerTi. We first began telling you about our thermal temperature screening system back in June.

Now that we know more about how the virus works, we continue to update and improve the product.  Fever continues to be one of the most key symptoms in diagnosing Covid-19.  As such, it is critical for organizations to quickly and accurately check each mployee’s temperature and demonstrate these cheks are being completed each and every day.

Screener Ti serves as a preliminary screening device. Picture the entryway to a building with a Screener Ti system. One at a time, individuals will stand in front of the scanner, receive a pass light and proceed to work. The time to get screened takes no longer than digital toll devices do on highways, and no longer than it does to swipe a cardkey and proceed through a turnstile.

Today, that cardkey can be fully integrated with the ScreenerTi system. Consider an office building with a large lobby, several banks of turnstiles and social distancing mandated. It would be difficult to have each turnstile station “manned.”

Today, if an individual does not receive a “pass” indication, the card key of that person can be locked to prevent access to the building. The system can also be set up to send an email to the employee and an employee’s supervisor alerting them of the failure and cardkey lock. In order to remain HIPAA-compliant, a code assigned to employees is utilized rather than name-sharing. The HR department, for example, with appropriate authority for access to the information would have access to names.

We’ve had a few inquiries as to whether or not facial recognition software is included in our product. Due to HIPAA regulations, it is not. Privacy is still a very important thing to consider on this matter, while we try to navigate public safety as a community.

If your company or building is looking to integrate a temperature scanning system to help keep your employees safer, we’d love to speak with you about it. Contact us at (800) 567-1180 or via our website.

Contact tracing at work

There’s a lot of talk right now about how to contact trace when someone in your organization (school, office, etcetera) tests positive for COVID-19. Are there privacy issues? Are there errors? Is this kind of work reasonable and foolproof? The answers to these questions range, depending on who is giving the answers.

As a company already dealing with building systems, we are quickly helping our customers adapt to the current culture and needs. As we continue to learn more and evolve, some of the issues we are currently dealing with include:

Can we tie contact tracing into our access control system (i.e., keycards).

The answer is simply yes. When an employee tests positive and is not due back to work for a period of time after a negative test, their card access can easily be paused. Should an employer or building manager wish to block access to those who have come into contact with that employee, that can also be done.

Let’s talk about communication.

Yes, we can do all of this. We can block those who are regularly able to enter your building if they’ve tested positive or come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. But keep in mind you do not want a funnel of people trying to enter a building and have any surprises.

If a person does not know they have come into contact with a person who has tested positive, they may tend to become upset at the access point, causing a backlog of people trying to get to work.

Our recommendation is to have a clear set of protocols and a communication plan in progress. Employees should report any positive testing of them or their family members, and the employer will then need a system to let those in contact know the situation and that their card key may also not allow access at this point.

How else can this type of system be used?

We’ve shared with you before our new Screener Ti system for automatic thermal temperature checks. This system can easily be tied into your card access system, your turnstile entries or your elevator access scanners.

When it comes to public health and the safety of our workforce, we can collaborate with you to be sure you are working within guidelines and keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Reducing risk. That’s the goal.

While there are no guarantees that restricting building access or checking temperatures will keep everyone safe, the goal is to minimize risk and maximize the opportunity for a safe environment. As a partner to our customers, working toward a common goal – safety – is what we aim to accomplish.

We’re happy to help your business figure out what to do next. Visit our contact page and reach out for advice. We promise to find the information you need.