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Collaboration for 2021.

Being the CEO of a small business is an exhilarating endeavor.  I am blessed to lead a company that is nimble and very engaged in the community, and we find opportunities to thread our experience through different types of networking opportunities. 

I have found by developing relationships one-by-one, it is a great way to build our business, and to help others grow. Through these relationships, we have been able to provide a balance of services at both a national and local level, utilizing our experience to bring value to our customers. In all cases, we have leveraged the customer service experience with a local feel to help our customers across their organization to realize a top-notch experience.

Through the years, I’ve had the opportunity to get involved with different networking groups and local chambers of commerce.  Currently, I sit in leadership roles with both GLI and One Southern Indiana.  This past week we’ve had strategic planning meetings for 2021 in each organization.  What’s been the most exhilarating piece of that is to see how these two organizations are working together across the river to help the region become successful regardless of state or geographic lines.

2021 is positioned to be a time of growth. Collaboration between these two organizations is focused on growing not just their local, home-grown communities but the region as a whole.

I’m excited to see what’s to come and to be a part of it.

ECT Awarded for Innovation and Creativity!

ECT Services snagged the Innovation & Creativity Award at the 16th annual Inc.credible Awards sponsored by Greater Louisville Inc., the metro chamber of commerce.


“The Inc.credible Awards are a chance for Greater Louisville to really celebrate all the small businesses that make our region unique and vibrant,” said Kent Oyler, president and CEO of GLI, according to the Courier-Journal. “We are always excited to see the innovative business solutions that are being pioneered by the smaller players in our community.”

The award recognizes a small business that executes business initiatives which demonstrate innovative solutions for new and existing business needs.

“I’m so proud to be part of this team who takes every project we work on to the next level. They consistently listen to the real pain points of our customers, so we can be sure our services hit the mark and eliminate those pain points. Of course, we have fun while we’re doing it and are very honored to be recognized by GLI,” says Jeff Murphy, CEO.

Among our most innovative recent offerings is the Guardian gunshot detection system developed by Shooter Detection Systems, which works by using acoustic and infrared sensors to instantly identify gunshots. The precise location of the gunshots is noted, and authorities are alerted immediately. Warnings are also instantly sent out to people in the facility and vicinity advising them to evacuate or take cover. Guardian can also be integrated with other building systems like door locks and video surveillance. This video demonstrates the basics of the system.

ECT Services is also proud to provide integrated temperature control systems for the newly-renovated Speed Art Museum. The interior of the entire museum must be maintained at a constant temperature of 72 degrees to protect the collection, which includes paintings, sculpture, furniture, textiles and other objects, some of which are thousands of years old. Glass walls, integrated old and new construction and other factors are also challenges.

According to a report by the Courier-Journal, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and regional business leaders were among the more than 300 people who attended the event, which was held at the Galt House on Aug. 19.

Thanks to all who voted!

ECT Services has been providing innovative solutions to make Louisville-area buildings sustainable, maintainable, energy efficient and safe since 1981.