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Genetec Clearance camera registry helps fight crime through collaboration

Your business has been struck by a criminal. They were able to break in and make off with thousands of dollars worth of valuable equipment and inventory. Your cameras didn’t capture clear images of the perpetrator or their transportation, but there’s a good chance that better images might be available from other businesses along your street.

But it may take days before police are able to identify cameras, track down owners and get their permission to view footage.

Thanks to Genetec, there’s now a solution to that problem.

When it comes to preventing and solving crime, public and private entities now have a new collaborative tool at their fingertips.

Genetec announced today the release of a new camera registry module for its Genetec Clearance platform. Genetec Clearance is a digital evidence management system.

“The Genetec Clearance camera registry allows organizations to reduce the time to fulfill access requests and share video evidence between stakeholders operating across different systems, departments, and jurisdictions,” said Erick Ceresato, Genetec Product Manager in a company press release. “The technology allows organizations to maximize the use of their staffing and provides investigators faster access to evidence to help enhance their response, and focus on public safety within their communities.”

According to the release from Genetec, the new camera registry module simplified the video request process. The registry allows organization to share a registry of their cameras and allow authorized users to request captured video footage from relevant cameras to aid in investigations.

The registry replaces the routine legwork that is typically part of investigating. Rather than spending time hunting down cameras, identifying who owns or has authority over a camera, contacting the camera’s owner and requesting footage, the registry gives public safety agencies and private businesses or citizens a place to collaborate.

The system allows administrators to set up their own custom request forms and approval workflows. Once release of a video is approved, an encrypted version is released and tracked appropriately. The new camera registry module is a great example of innovation from one of our valued partners. For more innovative ideas, contact us for a consultation.

New partnership!

GenetecLogo-resizedShooter Detection Systems (SDS) recently announced a new strategic alliance with open-architecture IP security solution Genetec.
When integrated with SDS’s Guardian automated gunshot detection system, Genetec Security Center instantly creates alarms, cues cameras to the shooter’s location, and streams live video and recorded playback of the gunshot detection incident. The integration enables emergency personnel to follow the active shooter event in real time through the live video feed and floor mapping interface, and also allows the activation of door locking mechanisms and access control to building locations.
An independent live-fire study in a two million square foot facility revealed a significant time reduction from the start of a shooting event to its completion. Without the integrated system in place, response time was 13.5 to 18 minutes before the security measures and protocols were initiated and first responders were dispatched to the scene.
With the integrated system in place, the process was reduced to five seconds, and included cueing cameras to the shooter location, locking the shooter out of building areas and dispatching first responders.
“As this independent customer study proved, the Guardian alarms the second a shot is fired and the ability to cue cameras and initiate active shooter response protocols is the key to saving lives,” says SDS CEO Christian Connors.
The partnership is the latest strategic alliance for SDS, which earlier this year announced plans to team up with Desktop Alerts. That integration enables users to instantly issue alerts via social media, speaker systems, computer monitors, telephones, mobile devices and fire alarms when shots are detected.
ECT Services is pleased to offer the Guardian gunshot detection system developed by Shooter Detection Systems, which works by using acoustic and infrared sensors to instantly identify gunshots. This video demonstrates the basics of the system.
Interested in learning more? Register for our Live Fire event.