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New product releases signal innovation for building integration


Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation is the difference between a leader and a follower.” Several ECT Services partners have been busy lately, leading their industries with important innovations. Here’s a round-up:

The relay of critical information in active shooter situations just picked up a whole lot of speed, thanks to a new project between Active Shooter Systems and Desktop Alerts.

The two companies recently announced new integrations which accurately pinpoint an active shooter as soon as the first shot is fired, then issue alerts via social media, speaker systems, computer monitors, telephones, mobile devices and fire alarms.

HID has released new transponders and tags specially designed for on metal applications. The new tags support NFC-V standards, expanding the possibilities for use in industrial, Internet of Things applications.

Axis Communications has launched a new tool aimed at streamlining security system design. AXIS Site Designer works online and offline to recommend cameras and recording solutions for small and mid-sized systems. Site Designer includes templates for a variety of security requirements and gives interactive guidance on the selection of cameras, recording products and accessories needed for a complete surveillance solution.

For updates on the latest building integration products available, contact ECT Services.

Small business to small business

At ECT Services, we are proud to bring the “small business” touch to our customers to help us stand out from the big name corporate competitors.  Our sales mentality is relationship driven and customer service focused.  We strive to be seen as a trusted advisor that keeps the customer needs first.

The goal of our account team is to introduce new technology as it becomes available and keep in mind applications that would apply to the individual customer needs.  In the fast-paced world we live in, new technology is constantly creating more effective and efficient ways to simplify managing a facility.  We don’t want to just introduce a product, but rather the entire solution the product can help provide.  We want to be that expert and resource to know your facility and do the research to help you learn about and select the right system for your needs.   We feel that if we truly understand our client’s underlying interests and needs, then we can work toward a full comprehensive solution versus a quick band-aide for the immediate problem.

The key attributes of a sales team is not only be knowledgeable, but also credible and reliable.  We use our engineering resources and office support to ensure that you will have an quick response and a team you can rely on.

We look forward to working with you soon!

Kari Guy

Vice President of Sales

ECT Services, Inc.

Lists… an important part of life!


What defines your day?  Are you “task” oriented?  Most people are.  Perhaps you have a list for the day… or from the previous day… how will you handle the co-worker, customer, call (or email) from nowhere asking for something that isn’t a planned part of your day… nor on your list?

While interruptions are a part of life… it is critical to have (and maintain) a list to manage your day or your projects.  Having a list is how you keep track of what needs to be done, and how (as a manager) you can rally your team to achieve success by getting things done.

Whether you want to admit it or not, regardless of your role at your company, it is probably expected that you be a task oriented person.  You and your company will be evaluated on how effectively you handle and accomplish your assigned tasks.

So how do you keep track of these tasks you are expected to accomplish?  By making lists!  Daily “to-do” lists, “honey-do” lists, punch lists, priority lists, grocery lists, you get the idea. A good list will make sure you have a purpose for your efforts.  A good list will ensure you know (and can communicate to others) what is to be done, when it is to be done, who is to do it, and possibly where it is to be done.

And best of all, a good list will give you good piece of mind (and help us avoid those darn “Senior Moments” we all have when we go completely blank).

Team Member versus Employee: One Reason Why Company CuIture Matters.

I am often asked how many employees we have at ECT Services, Inc.  I always smile a little inside when asked, because I am about ready to provide an answer most people are not expecting.  My answer is always the same, “Zero, we have no employees”.  I always get a strange look as if to say, “What?  No employees?  How do you get work done?”  I quickly let them off the hook by telling them, “We have 37 Team Members”.  Then I get the, “Oh, I get it”, look.

While it may seem to be a small change in wording, it is a culture we have embraced and continue to develop for more than three decades.

We want our customers to enjoy a unique and excellent experience when working with ECT.  For this to happen consistently, we must ensure our Team Members enjoy a unique and excellent experience working at ECT, so they are fully engaged when serving our customers and the community.

We value our people beyond their working hours, beyond their ups and downs, beyond their just showing up and being here.  We value them as humans, as key contributors to our success and spend tremendous time and effort to ensure they “feel” like Team Members and not cogs in an endless wheel of work.

What, Exactly, is Customer Service?

Every company should strive for their customers to say: “Their customer service is above and beyond.”

So what is going above and beyond? I’ve asked coworkers and existing customers and the answers were generally the same. Most of the people said that it was when a company delivered an over-the-top WOW customer service experience.

My definition of above and beyond is when your company is above average, all of the time. That’s what your best companies do. As a result, they deliver beyond their customers’ expectations. Being above average means when there is a problem or confrontation, then you step the customer service up to take care of the customer. The result is a loyal customer who says, “They are an amazing company with which to do business. And once in a while, when I have a problem, they really do take care of me. I can truly count on them.”

Your customers may not use those exact words, but that is what they will be thinking. At ECT Services we strive for excellent customer service, not just above and beyond. In the next few weeks several of you will be receiving a customer satisfaction survey. ECT Services utilizes these for continuous improvement in our service delivery. We believe we cannot address an issue if we do not know about it. Please consider completing the survey should you receive one.

Building a successful project team.

One of the core missions of a good project manager is to build teams. You often find, however, that managing and building teams is much easier when described in courses and theory than it is in the practice of managing actual projects. 

But there doesn’t need to be a gap. Here are five actionable steps that you can begin implementing today to help your teams become stronger, make you a much better project manager and create an atmosphere that breeds success.

  1. Be an active communicator. 
  2. Trust your team. 
  3. Understand your team members’ individual motivations.
  4. Don’t embarrass your team. 
  5. Be flexible. 

It’s amazing what happens when you show up!

It’s amazing what happens when you show up!

This is one of our favorite sayings at ECT Services, Inc. It expresses our belief that when we show up to meet with customers or new potential clients, great things happen for them and for us!
There are lots of ways to “show up”, such as an introduction meeting, a networking event, a service call, a project meeting, and even social media is a way in which we “show up”.
We are excited to provide this blog space to bring meaningful discussions and thoughts about the customers and industries we serve. Our hope is by “showing up” in this manner, it brings value to the readers and sparks some interesting thoughts and even conjure up new ideas.
At ECT Services we design, develop, install and integrate technology systems, such as temperature controls, energy management, lighting, security, intrusion, and intercom.
We are an independent technology provider, in the business of making buildings sustainable, maintainable, energy efficient and safe.

Why is being “independent” important?

Did you know that only fifteen (15) cents of every dollar spent by national providers goes to support the local economy, while fifty-five (55) cents of every dollar spent with local independent providers goes to support the local economy. This is a huge variance and impactful when you think about how it impacts your organization.
Our vision is to be the premier independent provider of building technology solutions in the Ohio Valley.
Our mission is two-fold:
“To be the lifelong technology partner with our customers by exploring new and innovative technology solutions from implementation and continued service with integrity and confidence.”

“Our desire is for our customers to have an excellent experience while helping them make their buildings sustainable, maintainable, energy efficient and safe.“

We look forward to providing many interesting topics and discussions in the coming days. If you have not done so, please check out our website at www.ectservices.com
Jeff Murphy
President and CEO
ECT Services, Inc.