We’re pleased to announce that ECT Services is a finalist for GLI’s 2016 Innovation & Creativity Award presented by Middleton Reutlinger. Vote for us now through August 18, 2016.

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This award recognizes a small business that executes business initiatives which demonstrate innovative solutions for new and existing business needs.

Among our most innovative recent offerings is the Guardian gunshot detection system developed by Shooter Detection Systems.

The Guardian system works by using acoustic and infrared sensors to instantly identify gunshots. The precise location of the gunshots is noted, and warnings are instantly sent out to people in the facility and vicinity advising them to evacuate or take cover. Authorities are also alerted immediately. Guardian can also be integrated with other building systems like door locks and video surveillance. This video demonstrates the basics of the system.

The technology driving the Guardian system was born on the battlefield, where acoustic gunshot detection was used to pinpoint enemy positions. Shooter Detection Services then developed the system primarily for use in schools, where the threat of active shooter attacks has been on the rise. But recent attacks in Paris; San Bernadino, Calif.; and Orlando, Fla. highlight the vulnerability of all public venues, from nightclubs and sports venues to office buildings and shopping malls.

ECT Services is also proud to provide integrated temperature control systems for the newly-renovated Speed Art Museum. The interior of the entire museum must be maintained at a constant temperature of 72 degrees to protect the collection, which includes paintings, sculpture, furniture, textiles and other objects, some of which are thousands of years old. Glass walls, integrated old and new construction and other factors could make temperature control a challenge in such a facility.

ECT Services has been providing innovative solutions to make Louisville-area buildings sustainable, maintainable, energy efficient and safe since 1981.