At ECT Services, it’s a priority that we take care of our team. Of course, putting our customers’ needs out front is always task one, but without a strong team, we might have to work a little harder to make that happen. We take care of each other and support each other.

Lots of companies offer CPR and/or First Aid courses. These are great skills to have. For us, it’s more concrete than that. In our industry, out on job-sites, in and out of buildings, anything could happen. It’s important we, as teammates, know how to take care of each other when an emergency occurs.

Man in ECT Services shirt watching CPR and First Aid Presentation

Last week we held our first annual CPR/First-Aid Training course at our facility through the American Red Cross. Team members set aside time from their busy days to attend, learn and practice.

We’ve spoken before on this platform about the importance of time saved in an emergency. When a medical emergency happens on a job-site, it could be several minutes before 911 responds. In that time, our team needs to know:

  • What needs to be done;
  • How to do it.

It’s important that those at the scene can help until the proper authorities arrive. Learning the proper skills makes us not just fellow employees, but great team members. We’ve got each others’ backs, literally, and we encourage the team to continue to take this course each year as it’s offered. You just never know when it will come in handy.