Welcome to the first of our Business Culture Series.

This series aims to give guidance and advice to fellow leaders and company owners on lessons we’ve learned and philosophies we’ve implemented at ECT Services. If something works for our business, it might just work for yours too.

Our first video, featuring our CEO Jeff Murphy, is about how best to handle emergencies, issues or problems in your business. ECT, like so many other companies, deals in systems and technologies. Sometimes, despite the best-laid plans, things can go wrong. It’s important to anticipate and expect those situations as best as possible, but what really matters when they happen is how we, as emotional humans, react to them.

This is a lesson in control. Humans, by nature, like to have control of situations, and as we know, that’s just not always possible. So learning to keep yourself in control in order to gain control of a situation is really what matters – in business and in life.

In this video, Jeff shares a story of a situation that did go wrong and how the team at ECT Services handled it. It was their demeanor and calmness through the situation that led the customer to gain even more trust for the ECT team. Jeff shares how the team got the customer through the situation and debriefed afterward to improve it for future scenarios.

Remember that customers don’t just hire us for our goods and services. They hire us for our ability, our service and our expertise. And that includes staying calm through a storm.