The word ‘Security’ can have a different meaning to each of us.  Merriam-Webster defines security as ‘the state of being protected or safe from harm.’

At ECT Services our security focus is Access Control/IP Video/ Intrusion and the integration of these systems.

Security systems/devices in general are only as good as the environment in which they are deployed; for example, imagine having a special electronic locking device installed on a screen door.  While it may have the latest technology, if someone just decides to walk through the screen, the secure door was circumvented.

In order for a security system to be the most effective, it should be integrated and deployed in layers.  The layers may differ based on the location and asset(s), typical layers are:

  • Perimeter – (lighting, gates, fences, bollards)
  • Exterior – (Doors, windows, walls)
  • Interior – (Hallways, offices, etc…)
  • Restricted Area – (IT rooms, high value rooms, pharmaceutical cabinet, etc…)

There are many devices and technologies designed to fit in one or more of these layers.  All situations may not require integrated technology in each layer.

Depending on the environment or asset(s) integration of these devices may be essential, this will allows for multiple technologies to identify/communicate potential threats and determine what action, if any, should be taken.  The actions can range from a log entry, email/text message, or even police/emergency dispatch.

Here at ECT Services we can help, we offer the following security services:

• Physical Security Assessments

• Engineering

• Documentation/CAD Services

• Project Management

• Installation Services

• Programming and Display Services

• Commissioning Services

• Security System Training

• 24/7 Service

• Technical Service Agreements (TSA’s can provide a fixed annual pricing for service)


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