We recently completed a job for the LG&E campus in downtown Louisville. This one in particular was a “little bit out of the ordinary, but nothing we can’t handle,” said Brian Arkels, the Project Manager who led the project team onsite.

All projects we’ve handled for the past year have had strict Covid restrictions in place for everyone’s safety. This one was no different. 

Of course at a campus like LG&E, we were also working in a secure location with restricted access. 

This was a mechanical renovation happening concurrently with other projects. Our piece was switching out the Variable Air Volume (VAV) Boxes, which allow for different temperature settings to be controlled within one space. In the end, this saves energy (yes, even for the energy company). Basically, each VAV box provides the ultimate in individual comfort for people.

The building was mostly vacant during our portion of the job, simply due to work-from-home orders happening at the same time.

Because the building was vacant, the building management made several change orders throughout the process, and ended up replacing more than originally planned. Companies, who have taken advantage of their empty buildings, are definitely feeling the rewards of doing so. Change orders allowed for redesign throughout the renovation, and our team was able to roll with those changes on the spot. 

Now, the LG&E campus has all new air handlers and they work together, properly, with the controls.

“Sure, it might seem a little strange to be a contractor and a customer at the same time, but we’re professionals, we didn’t have any issue with it,” Brian said.