When I recently asked the team for an opportunity to grab a testimonial from an ECT customer, I had no idea the type of testimonial I was in for.

Sitting down to talk with Mike Notarangelo, US facilities Construction Manager for Computershare, Inc, was like a testimonial show.

Mike handles build-outs and renovations for the company, and when we began the call, I told him I’d be taking notes while we were talking and he said, “I’m a project manager, I spend my life taking notes.” Immediately at ease, we dug in.

Computershare’s relationship with ECT goes back to 2014 when the company decided to move an operational center to Louisville. ECT was one of three candidates and ended up winning the bid for the business.

That project began with work on one floor, it then turned into eight floors, and today, ECT and Computershare are North American Partners, handling about 12 buildings together currently (4 in Canada) and more on the way.

ECT is Computershare’s official national security provider. They install and service all access controls and cameras.

But that’s just the job part. For ECT and Computershare, there’s just so much more to it.

“It’s the relationship we count on.” Mike said about ECT. “Consistency, dependability, quality of work… they just know our business. They know how we like to structure our controls and monitoring, and they can just go with it. When the ECT team is on the jobsite, their people are more like another employee than an outside vendor. To understand our configurations, what’s important to us and deploy it takes a true partner. The level of trust is so high, many times they handle the job without me on site.”

“When we are working on a new project and want to replicate something in another building, it’s just easy.”  

He went on to give this example: Computershare uses an older program for all their sites that was sunsetting a couple of years ago. Before that happened, ECT notified Computershare and helped them prepare. When changing a system like that to a new program, there is a lot of pre-work and analysis onsite. They helped the customer determine what equipment could be repurposed, and then made the conversion. 

“These guys have turned into not only a trusted vendor but truly friends as well. They come to our holiday party, they are just part of our fiber here.”