This week, the number of incoming calls regarding Shooter Detection Services has bumped up in our office. Company owners, building managers and other security companies want to know how to keep people safe. With our headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, we were ready for the calls and hope to help these customers implement systems that help keep people safer. We’ve said before, the technology we install cannot stop a shooter, but it can immediately alert authorities an active shooter situation is taking place and where in the building this event is unfolding.

Time saved equals lives saved. If we cut down on the time it takes for a 911 call to be made and for first responders to be on site, we can save more people from this horrific events.

More than 45 percent of all active shooter incidents take place in commercial settings, according to the study. According to a landmark longitudinal study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) active shooters are most likely to strike in commercial establishments, which are defined in the report as malls and businesses.

Retail and other commercial establishments are turning Shooter Detection Systems as a response to the trend. The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System automatically detects shots fired using acoustic and infrared sensors. The precise location of the gunshots is noted, and authorities are alerted immediately. Most notably, the amount of false positives is extremely low.

The Guardian system has the ability to dramatically reduce response times in active shooter situations. An independent live-fire study in a two million square foot facility reduced reporting and first-responder dispatch time from as much as 18 minutes to just five seconds. Warnings can also be instantly sent out to people in the facility and vicinity advising them to evacuate or take cover. This video demonstrates the basics of the system .

Guardian’s capabilities would be greatly helpful in a situation where people may hear a gunshot, but may not recognize what it is right away, delaying the need to call 911, slowing down the entire process. This system knows for sure and can automatically contact the authorities.

Shooter Detection Systems is currently exhibiting at NRF Protect, the largest retail and restaurant loss prevention event in

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