With a strong team, anything is possible. Our CEO’s favorite saying is “it’s amazing what happens when you show up.” Our team shows up day after day, ready to work.

Though we are in growth mode (have you checked out our careers page?), we still consider ourselves a small, nimble team. Sometimes that can mean we need people to be flexible in their knowledge base so they can pinch-hit when needed. Fortunately for us, this philosophy fits right in with the mindset of our team members.

Through the years, sometimes team members will show interest in expanding their skillset. They are not necessarily looking to “switch” from temperature controls to security, as an example, but are looking to expand the depth of their knowledge basis.

As more systems become integrated, it’s more and more critical that all people working on a project understand those integrations. Therefore, having knowledge of another part of the project benefits everyone.

Online trainings, making a laptop available, these are ways we can support our team members learning something new. If someone has spent years as an installer and wants to learn the art of programming, we can make that happen. Think how much better an installation will go if the people in these two roles better understand each other and speak each others’ language.

I spoke with Dave Stumler, Vice President of Controls who said, “we want our team members to continue to develop and know we’re supportive of their goals.”

We take the needs of our team members seriously. If they have a need to learn a new area, we want to cultivate and support that. The big winner at the end of the day will be our customer.