August 3rd, 2020

There’s a lot of talk right now about how to contact trace when someone in your organization (school, office, etcetera) tests positive for COVID-19. Are there privacy issues? Are there errors? Is this kind of work reasonable and foolproof? The answers to these questions range, depending on who is giving the answers.

As a company already dealing with building systems, we are quickly helping our customers adapt to the current culture and needs. As we continue to learn more and evolve, some of the issues we are currently dealing with include:

Can we tie contact tracing into our access control system (i.e., keycards).

The answer is simply yes. When an employee tests positive and is not due back to work for a period of time after a negative test, their card access can easily be paused. Should an employer or building manager wish to block access to those who have come into contact with that employee, that can also be done.

Let’s talk about communication.

Yes, we can do all of this. We can block those who are regularly able to enter your building if they’ve tested positive or come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. But keep in mind you do not want a funnel of people trying to enter a building and have any surprises.

If a person does not know they have come into contact with a person who has tested positive, they may tend to become upset at the access point, causing a backlog of people trying to get to work.

Our recommendation is to have a clear set of protocols and a communication plan in progress. Employees should report any positive testing of them or their family members, and the employer will then need a system to let those in contact know the situation and that their card key may also not allow access at this point.

How else can this type of system be used?

We’ve shared with you before our new Screener Ti system for automatic thermal temperature checks. This system can easily be tied into your card access system, your turnstile entries or your elevator access scanners.

When it comes to public health and the safety of our workforce, we can collaborate with you to be sure you are working within guidelines and keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Reducing risk. That’s the goal.

While there are no guarantees that restricting building access or checking temperatures will keep everyone safe, the goal is to minimize risk and maximize the opportunity for a safe environment. As a partner to our customers, working toward a common goal – safety – is what we aim to accomplish.

We’re happy to help your business figure out what to do next. Visit our contact page and reach out for advice. We promise to find the information you need.

July 23rd, 2020

We typically use this space to talk about technology, trends and products related to our field and the industries of our customers who are mostly building and facilities managers across the country. Today, we’re getting a bit personal in hopes that if your team ever finds itself in a similar situation, our experience can help.

Last week, one of our fellow teammates, Jeff, passed away suddenly. Our shock and grief was immense. As the CEO, I needed to find a balance between grief (both my own and my team’s) and the need to keep business running as our customers would expect. This was no easy task, but here are the steps we took and the advice I’d give another company in this situation:

First, acknowledge the loss.

  1. Several of our Team attended the funeral home visitation and met Jeff’s family and his friends.  We made a point during this visit to meet his only son and share our condolences.
  2. A few members of our Team attended the funeral.  This allowed them to realize closure and provide support to the family.
  3. We sent a meaningful gift to the family in memory of Jeff.  We send wind chimes, because it can be a beautiful reminder of the person to the family and lasts a lifetime.

Do not make a “shrine” of his office space.

  1. While it is tempting to keep his office space unused for a period of time, it is important to fill the office space with another new Team Member.
  2. If this does not occur in a timely manner, it can lengthen the grieving process and create a shrine effect where no one should be able to use the space and once it is filled again, there are hurt feelings over using the shrined space for another person.

Talk with Your Team about the Team Member

  1. Ask questions about how they feel.
  2. Reminisce stories and good memories of working together.
  3. By doing this, we make it okay for them to talk about it.
  4. Death is real and part of life and we need to have a healthy respect for the person gone.  Talking about it helps – and knowing we are truly going through this together brings comfort.

Provide Access to Grief Counseling

  1. Our Team Members worked side by side with Jeff and got to know him on a different level.
  2. The Team may struggle making it through all the steps of grieving and providing an anonymous outside support method may be helpful.
  3. Also, Jeff was mis-diagnosed, as possibly having COVID, in the beginning stages of his issues, and many believe he would be alive if they would have performed more tests.  This has created a lot of anger.

Continue to Focus on What We Do

  1. We are actively hiring additional Team Members.
  2. We are actively winning additional work and taking care of customers.  This helps in focusing on what we do and do well.

Recognize you and your team are grieving. Give time and space for that to happen, but also recognize there is work to be done and customers expect services to still be in place.

I hope these thoughts help your team, should you ever find yourself in this type of situation. I’ll be honest, I think I found it helpful to write all of this down in the hopes someone else could use it.

June 18th, 2020

At ECT Services, our mission is to find solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We recently shared with you our space distribution intelligent software, Space Vi. Today we want to share another brand-new technology we’ve created called Screener Ti.

Screener Ti is an intelligent thermal imaging screener which serves as a first-stop screener for people headed into a space. As states continue to slowly open up business and people head back to work, the concerns we heard from our customers regarding temperature checks included determining who on their internal staff would be on “temp check duty.” These included:

  • A security guard preventing an employee from entering the building (even with a fever) could cause an issue between fellow employees;
  • An employee taking temperature checks is not being productive in their actual job if they are stationed at the entrance for hours at a time;
  • Any employee charged with taking the temperature of other employees is inherently breaking the rule to stay six feet apart and is exposing themselves to infection regularly.

From these challenges, a solution was born. Screener Ti serves as a preliminary screening device. Picture the entryway to a building with a Screener Ti system. One at a time, individuals will stand in front of the scanner, receive a pass light and proceed to work. The time to get screened takes no longer than digital toll devices do on highways, and no longer than it does to swipe a cardkey and proceed through a turnstile.

Screener Ti is not a medical device, it is a first-stop system. Once a person receives a “pass” they may enter. If they do not receive a “pass” then they are required to receive a second screening which could be performed by someone in proper PPE. This second screening can now be more efficient as it’s allowed all those cleared for work to enter quickly.

This technology meets the guidelines on thermal imaging put forth by the FDA. The device is not necessarily HIPAA-compliant because it is not required to be. It collects no data and takes no photographs.

We’ve moved ahead so quickly with this new product line we already have it on its way into several businesses including: an office building in Louisville, Kentucky, a logistics fulfillment center also in Louisville, Kentucky and a summer camp in North Carolina.

We’d be happy to help find the right solution for your company’s team. Contact us here for more information.

June 8th, 2020

Lately, while companies are opening and preparing to reopen, we’ve offered solutions and advice for how to safely do so. As we continue to hear from customers about their needs, we continue to fine-tune our suggestions and solutions packages.

We’ve shared thoughts about temperature scanners but once an employee is inside, either on the manufacturing floor or in a corner office, do your systems allow you to know if they have traveled lately and are putting others at risk? Do they insure that employees are following proper social-distancing guidelines? This brought us to another set of questions regarding building space, in general.

How do you know not only if your spaces are safe, but if they are being used efficiently? Are there areas in your building which lend themselves to higher productivity levels? Do you know why?

ECT Services has developed the space Vi Facility Visualization Application to accomplish all of this. Recently, a customer discovered an entire FLOOR of their office was not being used. By taking a deeper look at the space, they are now able to spread teammates out, making it safer for them to return to their workspaces.

The spaceVi® Facility Visualization Software is a set of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Your data may be Excel® spreadsheets, human resource databases, accounting databases, access control systems, video surveillance databases, building automation systems, or a collection of cloud-based and on-premises data warehouse repositories.  spaceVi® will enable you to connect to your data sources, visualize, analyze, and discover what is essential, and share the results with anyone or everyone you want.

The software platform allows you to graphically visualize space efficiency, resource allocation, people traffic flow analysis, and event tracking and response. spaceVi® utilizes the latest in graphic technology to immerse you into the activity of your building’s space providing you with key data to make critical business decisions quickly.

We see this software as a highly useful tool in the immediate future as we all work to get back to work, keeping our team healthy while doing so. We also see this has a tool going forward to plan, design and adjust space usage within companies to be sure the space is optimized for each job.

If your company is preparing to return to work and you are looking for solutions, please contact ECT Services at 800-567-8810 or visit our website to contact us by email.

May 7th, 2020

At ECT, we think of ourselves as a solutions company. We have several areas in which we typically help our clients: 

  • Security (access control, intrusion prevention)
  • Video Surveillance
  • Temperature Controls
  • Systems Integration
  • Fire System Monitoring
  • Active Shooter Detection

With today’s ever-changing landscape and new safety measures being discussed at every crossroad, we find our customers need direction and advice on different solutions nearly every day. 

One issue making the rounds now is how best to check temperatures of employees and/or customers when business begins to resume to some level of normalcy. 

We’ve been working with companies on how best to research and implement these types of solutions, and we continue to do so every day. Here are some of the things we’ve learned along the way: 

Companies will need to determine the need, and how many persons they wish to ‘scan’ and at how many entries.  One challenge to consider will be who monitors the scan system and should it be determined as the only determinate or should it indicate a secondary screening? How far is the company willing to go and trust the system in place?

Other items to consider when comparing systems will be how quickly can they be delivered and installed, can they be scaled to keep all buildings on one system, and are they HIPAA-compliant. 

There are several companies bringing such systems to market. Our team of experts at ECT Services can help you navigate this road and determine the best solution for your specific needs. If we can support you as you prepare to reopen your business and help you navigate this new world, please let us know. 

We continue to adapt and implement new technologies and partner with our customers through this time.

For more information, please contact our team at (800) 567-1180. 

May 6th, 2020

ECT Services is seeking to fill positions for Building Automation and Security System installers & technicians.  We’re looking for candidates to be working on our team with clients and subcontractors to ensure that all projects are completed on time and on budget. 

These roles will require you to perform installation of the system infrastructure, wire support systems, cabling, and conduit on Building Automation (also called Temperature Controls) and / or Security System Control Projects. You will also install panels, controllers, field devices & components of the systems, and provide all final termination of the cabling to ensure a complete installation and functional control system.  

Either of these roles will also provide you the opportunity to work with the programmers and commissioning agents to test and troubleshoot the systems. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Read, review and follow project related documents such as blueprints, drawings, project scope, budgets, deadlines, and sequence of operation for proper execution requirements
  • Installation and termination (and addressing) of panels, controllers, field devices, cabling and other components of the Building Automation Control Systems.
  • Install & connect power to equipment, panels, and components as required
  • Label any and all installed wiring
  • Troubleshoot and repair circuits, wiring, devices, and networks (know how to use a multimeter)
  • Installation of conduit and cabling management & support infrastructure systems
  • Work with Programmers and commissioning agents to test and troubleshoot system operation
  • Provide trust & leadership to your whole team… and the customer!
  • Coordinate material and ordering requirements with Project Managers
  • Maintain & manage your material stock for the project… as well as your equipment (such as tools, ladders, drills, gangbox, etc)
  • Build & wire microprocessor control panels for all projects (in-office or in-field)
  • Update As-built drawings as needed
  • Attend job site meetings to represent & discuss work flow, scheduling and progress

 (For Security Technicians) Installation of security systems required, knowledge base consisting of:

  • 12VDC and 24VDC power supplies
  • Door strikes, door magnetic locks, mortise locks, panic bars, delayed egress, etc.
  • Door contacts, SPDT, DPDT, Balanced contacts, bonding sensors (on mag locks), battery backups, load calculations, etc
  • Handicap buttons, proper interlocking with timing relays to delay power door opening to prevent strike from sticking to latch.
  • Access Systems, IP camera, IP Intercoms, Intrusion System,s hardware installation experience. 
  • Familiarity with Matrix Switches, Multiplexers and DVR’s.
  • Understanding of and interaction with LAN and WAN systems as a part of an overall security installation.

 (For Temperature Controls Technicians) Installation of HVAC automation systems required, knowledge base consisting of:

  • 24VA power supplies, and VA power consumption requirements / limitations
  • Analog and binary outputs and inputs
  • Binary controller addressing
  • AHU’s, package equipment, split systems
  • Chillers, boilers, cooling towers, pumps
  • FCU’s, terminal units, VAV boxes
  • Valves & dampers (and actuators)
  • VFD’s, air flow measuring sensors, temp sensors, static, air quality sensors
  • Safety shutdown components (LTD and FA), 


Candidate should have electrical experience (120VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC)… preferably with low voltage control systems (Temperature controls and / or Security systems), including experience with ladder logic, relay logic, controllers, and field controllable devices. Any experience with Siemens, Johnson Controls, Alerton, Honeywell, Automated Logic, Lenel, or Genetec products, systems & networks is a plus.

This position requires a high school diploma or higher degree of education & training. A Journeyman or Master electrical license is a plus, but not required. Knowledge of electrical codes is expected. The candidate must be able to learn and follow sequence of operations for projects in this industry. It is necessary that the candidate be very detailed oriented in their work ethics and have a good leadership aptitude. To be successful, the candidate should have the ability to accurately and calmly handle multiple priorities (with interruptions) and still meet deadlines. Candidate should be creative, and a self-starter with good organizational &time management skills. The candidate must possess great communications skills, both written and verbal. It will be expected that the candidate can work either independently, with minimal supervision, or in a team atmosphere.  We expect people to take pride in their work and accept responsibility with a friendly & professional attitude.

Additional Notes:

Candidate should be able to work overtime and out of town occasionally (approx. 30%). There may also be travel and overnight stays associated with required training’s or classes. A history of excellent employment attendance, valid driver’s license and clean driving record required. Background checks and random drug screenings are required for employment. ECT Services and industry associated safety plans will be adhered to. All necessary tools to perform required tasks for this position are to be provided by team member. ECT will replace tools as wear and tear appears.

Those interested in applying, send Resume… Call… or Email:

Contact David Stumler

(800) 567-1180

Cell = 502-664-6584

April 27th, 2020

During this time of businesses being closed and buildings mostly empty, our team has been hard at work.

We know when the workforce is allowed to return to their office and the world begins to get moving again, things will need to look quite a bit different. We anticipate in no way will doors fly open and office building lobbies will all-of-a-sudden be full of people again, waving their Starbucks in the air, high fiving each other on a great company party over the weekend or gathering for a bit of office gossip before heading up the elevator.

No, it will have to be different – much like the differences we saw with security post-9/11.

Companies are taking this into consideration now and are taking social distancing measures into account now so that when the government says everyone can go back to work, they can do it as safely as possible.

One of our customers is focused on monitoring building occupants and their movements in and out of the building to better allow for reporting a possible exposure. Working with their existing system and making a few additions we are able to make this a reality.

Another of our customers is focused on their turnstiles and how they can be used to affect change. We are currently working on upgrading some of those systems to allow for a break between people passing through the turnstile on their way in. In addition, we are upgrading these systems to no-touch card readers.

Another customer we are working with has decided to go with camera technology that will scan for temperature before allowing entry into the building.

Our goal is to work with each of our customers to implement a strategy that will make sure they have what they need to insure a safe re-entry into work when the time is right.

Stay safe, everyone. Please let us know if we can help your company reconsider future safety measures so that you, too, will be ready. You can reach us by clicking here.

April 21st, 2020

Working with clients throughout the past few weeks has been nothing short of interesting. Our customers have different levels of security, depending on the type of business they run. And these days, they’ve had to take a second look at their systems and procedures. We’ve been happy to work with them to find the best solutions.

One of our customers is in the logistics/fulfillment industry. We’ve worked with them for a long time on their temperature control system. Because their business typically runs 24 hours a day, they didn’t have an electronic security system in place. Rather, they had armed guards at the door keeping their employees safe as they enter and exit, and making sure only those who are permitted to enter the premises are, in fact, entering.

Now, because their company is not on the “essential” list, their employees are home, the building is empty. Rather than pay two armed guards to protect the building and, perhaps, not social distance from each other, the customer called and asked for our help.

Now they have an installed security system to be sure all products inside the building, and the building itself, are safe and secure while people are not in it.

Yes, this has led to some layoffs and furloughs for employees, and the company hopes to bring their team back on when the economy is moving again. In the meantime, their new system gives them peace of mind without keeping people on the payroll – in an effort to save their business.

We encourage you to continue to look at your business for areas where you impact security and protect your building and your customers from theft while less – or maybe no – people are coming to work everyday.

Reach out via our contact page and let us know how we can help you find the right solutions right now.

March 31st, 2020

With so many companies closed and employees not in the buildings, it’s important that systems are checked regularly.

When people are able to return to work, they will want to step right back in where they left things – and have all systems “go.”

This is especially important for your HVAC, temperature controls and security systems. With the weather changing rapidly and spring trying really hard to come alive, temperature control systems must be checked and serviced, even while people aren’t in the building.

Security systems are also critical right now. Empty buildings can be a temptation to anyone looking to snag a few free computer monitors or office supplies. So having your systems checked and running properly is critical right now. You want to be sure that the systems protect your building and that only those who should be going in to check things are the people going in. So much of this can be done remotely, and we are more than happy to help.

Our service personnel is available and ready. Click here to read how we are able to support our customers through this pandemic. Our emergency service line is running and “operators are standing by.” To schedule a service appointment, please click here.

March 25th, 2020

Here at ECT, like all companies, we are paying close attention to the CDC recommendations as well as the Governor of Kentucky’s rules and regulations as we continue to move through this pandemic.

Our business is still open, though we’ve made necessary updates to our workflow.

For employee safety, when we are interacting with our own team, we are giving space, staying 6 feet apart. 

For some of our customers, their everyday rules and regulations mandate we must have two people on any part of a job at any time, for safety and liability. We are following this rule and staying apart from each other as best we can.

Our team is using latex gloves on all projects, and, of course, is not shaking hands.

A lot of what we are doing right now is servicing buildings while they are closed. We follow all guidelines set forth by those buildings. We have several projects for JCPS we are working on now, while there are no people in the buildings and this will insure that when school reopens, all systems are “go.” We’re doing all scheduled service calls, checking systems and updating where necessary. Rest assured, we use disinfectant on all devices before and after touching them. Because we are dealing with biometrics in many cases (such as fingerprints) we are especially careful.

We view all of this as necessary work, and safer while there are no students or employees in these buildings. We want to keep our customers up and running. 

Most interaction with our customers has gone virtual and we are happy to meet via video chat with any facilities managers out there having issues. You want to be sure your HVAC and security systems are running as they should, protecting your building and company from all sides.

If you need sales or service, our people are remote and available. For more information:

For sales, please call (800) 567-1180 or email

For service, please call (800) 567-1180 or email

Stay healthy, everyone!