35019056_sPolitical inclinations aside, it is a sad reality that America is besieged by a seemingly unstoppable rash of gun violence. While the media never misses an opportunity to exploit the deaths and suffering of our citizens in a way that makes even the mention of this topic seem tasteless, we set out to determine whether there was a way for us to help make a difference in this area sensitively and effectively. As a result, we are now helping to minimize the loss of life due to gun violence with our Active Shooter Detection software system.

A few facts to keep in mind regarding active shooter situations:
– The average duration of an active shooter incident is 12.5 minutes;
– The average response time of emergency response/law enforcement is 18 minutes;
– In the majority of active shooter incidents, emergency response time greatly exceeded the incident duration, which means the authorities could not stop the shooter or prevent further deaths or injuries;
– Decreased response time and incident duration yields a reduction of deaths and injuries.

In an active shooter incident, every second counts.

How does the system work?

The Active Shooter Detection system scans an environment and uses infrared and acoustic sensors to analyze the sounds coming from that environment, searching specifically for the unique signatures that indicate active gunfire. Once the system has identified the source of the gunshot, indicator panels track that source as it moves throughout a building and alerts local police and emergency departments immediately. When first responders arrive, they can use the display panels to quickly and accurately pinpoint the location of the shooter in the building. Thanks to the unique combination of infrared and acoustic sensing technology, this system returns virtually zero false positive alarms.

The ASD eliminates the critical minutes between the time a shooter opens fire and someone in the building is able to call for help. We are proud to be the only provider of this life-saving service in the Midwest, and hope to bring this reliable and innovative solution to every commercial environment as a first line of defense against the senseless death and destruction brought by mass assaults.