Gunfire cast a deadly pall over a local Thanksgiving tradition last week, when shots were fired near the fields where hundreds – including Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer – were gathered to watch the Juice Bowl at Shawnee Park.

Two men were killed and several others were injured. It was the second time this year that gunfire has marred a public event; two teens were injured earlier this year in an exchange downtown at the Pegasus Parade.
The deaths last Thursday marked the 111th and 112th homicides in the city this year, the deadliest year in decades.
Community leaders are scrambling for solutions. Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad has reorganized police units, and the city recently announced plans to purchase and install an outdoor automatic gunshot detection system.
The outdoor system is similar to the gunshot detection system designed for indoor use offered by ECT Services. Guardian by Shooter Detection Systems works by using acoustic and infrared sensors to instantly identify gunshots. The precise location of the gunshots is noted, and warnings are instantly sent out to people in the facility and vicinity advising them to evacuate or take cover. Authorities are also alerted immediately. Guardian can also be integrated with other building systems like door locks and video surveillance. This video shows how Guardian works.
The city plans to place the outdoor detection system in areas plagued by high reports of shots fired and violent crime. Similar to Guardian, the outdoor system will detect shots fired, triangulate automatically, and provide instant, accurate information to law enforcement. Officials hope the system will speed response time to victims and also lead to quick arrests.
It doesn’t seem unreasonable to fear that violence spill over into the city’s schools, workplaces or other public areas. How can you protect yourself, and the people who visit your facility?
First, become familiar with the Department of Homeland Security’s Run, Hide, Fight protocol.
Second, learn more about gunshot detection and how it can speed response time.