Louisville Metro Police announced plans last week to buy an outdoor gunshot detection system and install it within the next year. The system will be installed in areas of the city with high reports of shots fired, and high reports of violent crime.


The systems will use microphones to triangulate gunshots quickly, according to a WLKY report, which will help police “pinpoint location, aid in the collection of ballistic data, provide aid to victims quickly and lead to quick arrests.”

The announcement highlights the growing interest in the use of gunshot detection systems to provide instant, accurate information to law enforcement.

“We applaud the city’s efforts to reduce response time in cases where shots have been fired,” says Jeff Murphy, CEO of ECT Services. “Kudos to the city for taking this important step.”

While the city’s proposed solution is designed to work outdoors, ECT Services offers a similar gunshot detection system for use in schools, office buildings, shopping malls and other public locations.

Guardian by Shooter Detection Systems works by using acoustic and infrared sensors to instantly identify gunshots. The precise location of the gunshots is noted, and warnings are instantly sent out to people in the facility and vicinity advising them to evacuate or take cover. Authorities are also alerted immediately. Guardian can also be integrated with other building systems like door locks and video surveillance. This video shows how Guardian works.

The Guardian system has the ability to dramatically reduce response times in active shooter situations. A recent independent live-fire study in a two million square foot facility reduced reporting and first-responder dispatch time from as much as 18 minutes to just five seconds.

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