Keeping a high-quality, trustworthy staff around for a long time is one of the most important steps you can take in securing your business.


Short-timers with no personal investment in your business may walk off with key information that could compromise your security, and they may not think twice about sharing it and putting you at risk. Inexperienced new staff members may lack the knowledge and skills to adequately protect your business.

What can you do to keep good employees happy, and keep them around?

Keep compensation competitive. Have a pulse on what’s going on with compensation in your industry, and make sure your packages keep up. Not all compensation has to show up on a pay stub, either. Flexible scheduling, the ability to work at home and other perks are gold to some employees.

Keep lines of communication open. Be present with your employees. Ask how they are doing, and listen for what you can do reduce or remove barriers to them reaching their goals, then do it. Communicate vision, changes and updates early and often. Don’t let your employees be the last to know about important news.

Surprise and delight. Think of your employees as your customers – what can you do to surprise and delight them? Maybe it’s just a small, simple gesture like a gift card to Starbucks, or as elaborate as a fun outing to a favorite entertainment venue.

Say thank you. Expressing appreciation for a job well done is a simple but often overlooked gesture. Have a formal recognition program in place. Elements might include “employee of the month” recognition, or an annual banquet for top performers. Appreciation should be informal, too. Get in the habit of giving public pats on the back regularly.

Provide a clear path for success. Identify and communicate expectations clearly and consistently. Help employees map a career path with your company, and help them advance.