This isn’t the first time I’ve spoken about this topic. “It’s amazing what happens when you show up” is really a mantra of mine, and it’s now a day-to-day mantra of our team. I last wrote about this concept back in October of 2021 when we were wrapping up the celebration of our 40th year in business.

I like to talk about this concept regularly. It’s one thing to say you’re going to do something, but it’s another to follow-through and do it (sometimes, even better than you promised). Our team tells our customers we’ll come through for them, and that’s what we do – each and every time. And when you get in the habit of showing up, truly being present, and seeing a project all the way through at work, then that practice extends itself outside of work as well.

I come through for my family in this same manner. It’s something everyone can focus on doing in 2023. I don’t necessary believe in New Year’s Resolutions… but I do believe in focusing on an incremental change going forward. So this could be yours.

Show up. Come through. You’ll find it’s simply amazing what can happen when you do.

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