Welcome to ECT Services

ECT Services, Inc. was founded and works on the ideal of “Synergy”, where individual Team Member strengths and talents, combined with the attitude of working together as a Team, produce excellent results for customers.

With these dynamics, we can bring technology and services to provide:

  • relief to customers frustrated with high energy costs
  • liberation for customers consumed with large losses of assets and materials
  • deliverance for customers worried about the safety of their Team Members

All of these items ultimately provide customers with increased profitability and productivity.

How can we accomplish these objectives?  Our company performs Design Assistance related to Energy Cost Reduction opportunities and Integrated Security Building Solutions in order to lower customer costs of operation or increase customer revenues by making their facilities more attractive.

To learn more about our capabilities just browse through our web site or contact us either by phone (800) 567-1180 or by e-mail.