Unemployment is continuing to fall, and the market is becoming increasingly competitive for employers. Hiring managers seeking candidates with leadership skills, security experience and mechanical or technical training should cast an eye toward veterans.

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Veterans bring solid skills to the table. In addition to leadership and technical training, veterans have strong experience working on diverse teams; developing, understanding and working with health, safety and property procedures; and the ability to problem-solve under pressure.

A wealth of resources are available for managers seeking qualified, talented veterans. The US Department of Labor’s website includes a number of resources, including an employer toolkit.
The toolkit walks hiring managers through:
Designing a strategy for a veterans hiring program. Where does your organization’s mission and goals intersect with veterans’ skills and abilities?
Creating a welcoming workplace for veterans. While welcoming veterans doesn’t take much additional effort, some insights about military culture and experiences will help maximize success.
Connecting with veterans, wounded warriors and military spouses. From websites to service centers to personal contacts, a virtual army is ready to connect veterans to hiring managers.
Hiring and accommodating veterans. Just as with welcoming veterans, onboarding veterans won’t typically be much different than onboarding any other new hire. But some insights and accommodations will help maximize success.
Retaining veterans. Recognizing and valuing military service, offering strong employee assistance programs and promoting mentoring relationships will go a long way towards retaining veterans.
Additional resources. The Department of Labor has assembled a go-to directory of resources for hiring managers seeking veterans.