2017 is off to a big start across central and northern Kentucky, thanks to a hiring boom.

Now hiring
Amazon announced plans to hire 100,000 additional workers in the next 18 months, including 1,000 in its locations across Kentucky.
Charter Communications plans to hire 50 customer service representatives in the greater Cincinnati area, while Cincinnati Bell plans to add another 300.
As companies prepare to scale up operations, it may be time to consider scaling up identity technology.
HID, a leader in secure identity solutions, recently made several predictions about what top trends will heat up the identity technology industry in 2017. The list offers several cues as to what companies might want to be on the look-out for as they seek to upgrade their access controls for expanding workforces. A few notable trends include:

The use of mobile devices as access cards. You can scan your way to discounts using Target’s Cartwheel app on your phone; why not let your phone serve as your access card to your office, too?
Consumer trends are having a big influence on the industry, and using smartphones for just about everything is a leading trend. According to Pew Research, 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone, and many are never more than a few feet away from their smartphones at any given moment. It makes sense to consider using an app on a smartphone to manage access.
Move management to the cloud. As complexity grows, administrators want to be able to manage integrated systems from the cloud, allowing for agility, easier monitoring and updating and more.
Tracking presence and proximity. Companies are looking to use access controls and ID technology not just to control who can go where in a facility, but to track who is going where an d how often. The information gathered can be used to improve energy efficiency, productivity and safety.
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