Fire Monitoring and Fire Systems – Bowling Green, KY

ECT Services is a Small Business Enterprise servicing Bowling Green, KY. Since 1981, we have continually provided Bowling Green businesses fire monitoring and fire systems.

ECT Services provides our customers with peace of mind through fire monitoring and fire systems for Bowling Green, KY facilities thru web-based, real-time, graphical technology.

ECT Services’ state-of-the-art building fire & security systems deliver:

  • Simplicity of operation
  • Enhanced effectiveness
  • Cost-effective protection

Converting your structure’s current, varied systems into one cohesive ‘integrated’ access control system is a powerful solution that steps up to the challenges modern businesses and organizations face today. Comprehensive integration of your structural fire monitoring, energy and security operations is key to unlocking:

  • Accessibility to crucial data to better determine energy strategy and performance
  • Peace of mind that comes with 24/7 fire monitoring
  • Efficiencies in energy consumption, operational costs and productivity
  • Flexibility to upgrade newer system software and hardware components working with your existing equipment seamlessly.

To find out how ECT Services can help your Bowling Green facility with fire monitoring and fire systems contact us today.