Has your business or organization planned an active shooter drill?


With new school or workplace shootings making headlines nearly every week, facility managers should have plans in place. Don’t know where to begin? These three steps will help you get started.

Start the discussion

Your first step should be identifying key stakeholders. Those stakeholders may vary based upon the type of facility. Facility managers and security personnel will be central to any discussion, but other staff members – particularly those who are in most direct contact with customers, may also need to be included.

Once stakeholders are gathered, consider these conversation starters to help your team work through the issues.

Gather resources

The Department of Homeland Security has developed education materials including a video, pamphlets and posters aimed at educating the public about what to do in an active shooter situation. Click here for details.

Assessment and education is also available from ECT Services. Contact James Burton at 502.632.4322 or email sales@ectservices.com.

Drill, baby, drill

Plans are more effective if they are practiced. Test and sharpen your plan by staging an active shooter drill. Be sure to work closely with local law enforcement, and communicate expectations for the drill clearly to all participants.

Beware of pitfalls, too. One active shooter drill went awry when organizers decided to use live pellet guns, injuring a participant.