Every company should strive for their customers to say: “Their customer service is above and beyond.”

So what is going above and beyond? I’ve asked coworkers and existing customers and the answers were generally the same. Most of the people said that it was when a company delivered an over-the-top WOW customer service experience.

My definition of above and beyond is when your company is above average, all of the time. That’s what your best companies do. As a result, they deliver beyond their customers’ expectations. Being above average means when there is a problem or confrontation, then you step the customer service up to take care of the customer. The result is a loyal customer who says, “They are an amazing company with which to do business. And once in a while, when I have a problem, they really do take care of me. I can truly count on them.”

Your customers may not use those exact words, but that is what they will be thinking. At ECT Services we strive for excellent customer service, not just above and beyond. In the next few weeks several of you will be receiving a customer satisfaction survey. ECT Services utilizes these for continuous improvement in our service delivery. We believe we cannot address an issue if we do not know about it. Please consider completing the survey should you receive one.