Getting ready to deck the halls for the holiday enjoyment of your customers and employees? You can create a festive and comfortable atmosphere without driving up energy costs.

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Here’s how:

  • Swap out old strands of light with newer light-emitting diode (LED) strands. You might pay a little more now, but LED lights use just a fraction of the power consumed by traditional strands and last years longer.
  • Consider decorations which add color and texture, but don’t require electricity.
  • Use a timer to automatically turn lights off and on. If you choose not to use a timer, turn off interior decoration lights during non-business hours, and turn off exterior lights during the day when they will not be visible anyway.
  • Keep the thermostat set to around 66 degrees, where most people are comfortable. If an area is unused, drop the thermostat to 55 degrees. Use timers to adjust thermostats automatically to lower temps outside of business hours when spaces are not occupied.
  • If you use ceiling fans, be sure to reverse them from summer settings and use them to keep warm air circulating.
  • Be sure to perform regular maintenance on HVAC systems before cold weather sets in to ensure systems are performing at peak efficiency.
  • Check insulation. Seal up leaks, and install insulation in walls and ceilings where necessary.
  • Install doors that open and close automatically.

Follow these tips, and you will set a festive tone, all while reducing the post-holiday headache caused by a high energy bill.