As someone on the operations side of the temperature controls and security system business, I can’t emphasize enough the value of a good scope of work. It’s important that the customer and the consultant have taken the time to make sure each other has a clear understanding of what is being asked for, and what is going to be delivered. Then the middle-man (usually the consultant (or sales person)) needs to clearly convey the information to the fulfillment team.

The customer can get frustrated if their finished product operates differently from what they intended, or what they feel they asked for. Equally frustrating is that the fulfillment team thought they had given the customer what they wanted… per the scope they had been given from the consultant, who supposedly had it all worked out with the customer. There can ultimately be misunderstandings on all 3 sides of the triangle. Relationships and trust can be damaged and both parties can incur much extra cost.

It is best that the customer, the consultant, and the fulfillment team all sit around the table and discuss the final scope to make sure that there is a clear understanding between all parties and all persons and all companies… exactly what the customer wants, what they bought, and what is going to be delivered. The neat thing about this meeting is that it doesn’t matter if all three parties are of the same company, or three different companies… they are all trying to accomplish the same goal now and that goal must be clearly understood by all.

Usually, one of these three parties has to be the catalyst for staging such a meeting. And ultimately, as it is in the best interest of all, all 3 hold an equal degree of responsibility to ensure that such a meeting occurs. Whoever you are; at some point your role in any venture or negotiation is that of the customer, the consultant / sales person, or a player on the fulfillment team. Regardless of your role, I encourage you to seek to be the one who ensures that a “Pre-construction Meeting” occurs for your project. Regardless of your role, the results you achieve/receive is your responsibility.

Dave Stumler
VP of Operations