Who doesn’t want a system that can learn your habits and anticipate what you’ll do? Automating home temperature controls came to the forefront with products like The Nest and now there are systems to “think” for your commercial space in the same way. 

We’ve written about AI before. We’ve shared the Internet of Things and how automating systems can streamline processes for your organization. 

Today we are introducing a new product for which we are an authorized dealer: Brainbox AI. This system is currrently available through ECT Services and is changing the game for our customers who have already installed it. 

The system not only automates temperature controls, it does so much more, including  automatically adjusting humidity levels. Still, there are even more options available. Here are some examples: 

Think about a building that takes into account the temperature and humidity outside of the building to benefit the interior.  If the eastern facing part of the building knows the sun will rise with no clouds, the building may not require as much needed heat.  The AI then may be able to notify the system the heat is not required as long.  This pro-active approach then allows the equipment to not run so hard, so long, and turns into savings.  If a building can learn the elements before they happen, such as predicted temperatures or humidity, sun or clouds, it can then use natural resources to help make the tenants more comfortable.  It can also determine the outside temperature and know on which days that sink water should be heated versus room temperature. Things building managers may not have considered altering a few years ago are now the norm – and it’s affecting energy bills. 

Ever had one of those co-working situations where every morning someone turns up the heat and every afternoon someone else turns it down? What about the people who get the sun’s heat in the morning versus the afternoon? All of these situations can be learned to maximize efficiency and balance comfort. 

Brainbox AI runs through the temperature control main system, but again, it can help automate water usage and also light usage. 

It can take approximately 3-6 months to learn how these systems are being used but will lead a savings in energy use and energy cost. It can be organized by a building as a whole or can be broken down by floor, side of building, etcetera. 

For more information about automating your building systems, please contact us here or call us at 800-567-1180.