Words/phrases we were hoping not to deal with in 2021:


“New normal”


“Social distancing”

And yet.. here we are. 2020 brought us the pandemic and these terms. 2021 will bring the aftermath and what it means for business, commercial real estate and facilities management. While you might assume that companies have decided as a whole that they are doing fine with virtual employees and can let go of some of their unused space, this isn’t the case across the board.

In come instances, yes, we are working with customers who are realizing that their space is now more than what is needed. They’ve learned to pivot and adapt to a virtual workforce, and the effect of this is needing less office space, fewer cubicles and a downsizing of telecom equipment, furniture and conference rooms.

At the beginning of 2020 we were in the process of working with a customer to determine if their space design actually met their needs. Our proprietary system, Space Vi , does just this and now we’ve used this technology to help companies figure out what they need and what they don’t. In the case of one customer, they learned (even before sending employees home to work) that they were occupying space on their lease on two floors of a building and were never utilizing it. Now that many of their employees will continue to work from home, they can clearly see that those two floors are not needed, even as they redistribute workspace.

But, for other companies, re-allocating space and re-working it could mean a business needs MORE space. One of our customers, a call-center, needs to have employees on-site. Supervisors need to be able to walk by and listen in for evaluation purposes, for instance. Prior to the pandemic, these call-center cubicles were crammed in, allowing a company to maximize their space with the number of call-center representatives they needed. Now, in order to have that same number of people working, they need more space for social-distancing purposes. They need room for plexiglass dividers. In some cases, this could double the square footage a company requires.

As our customers move forward and bring their teams back onsite, we will continue to work with them on the design of their space. Our customers know that with our help they can be sure they are utilizing only the space they need, and that their employees will be safe.

If you’re looking for help on reassigning space assets for your business, we’re just a phone call away. You can reach us at (800) 567-1180 .