We continue with our Business Culture Series today. The purpose of this series continues to be a sharing of ideas from things I’ve learned over the years that you can implement, today, into your business.

We know it’s important to have trust in a relationship. Whether the relationship is business or friendship or marriage or a team. Today we’re talking about the why that makes that the case.

A team member that doesn’t trust others out on the field is unlikely to pass the ball to another team member they don’t trust. Someone may not share a great idea in a private meeting for fear the other person will steal the idea and take credit. Husbands and wives who don’t trust each other – well, that is a whole other conversation. But you can see how without trust, there is no openness in conversation or transparency, and therefore, the team, or the business, is just not going to move forward.

In this video I speak about the concept that good communication leads to openness which leads to trust and that, inherently, leads to growth. Getting everyone on a team to work together and trust each other is how companies, departments or teams grow and move forward.

Having transparent sharing of information up, down and across a company can lead to everyone feeling a part of the conversation, and feeling as if they have had clear communication. This leads to building trust and that is one great way to get your team to grow its product and resources.

Today, I ask you to think about your team. Does everyone trust each other? Is everyone worthy of that trust? What can you do today to improve the feeling of trust among the team?