At ECT we are a small business with a decent-sized team. Everyone on our team specializes in their own area of expertise and we all are in it for the good of the customer.

What we know on our end is the way you make people feel matters. And if were to call everyone who works at ECT an “employee” that sounds different and feels different than “team members.” We choose to embrace our team as a whole the members on that team as individuals.

We decided long ago we would always refer to each other as team members. Not only does it make people feel better, it affects the purpose of the title. Being a part of a team and working toward a common goal for the customer makes you excited to get up and get to work. You feel less of a “cog in a wheel” and more like an important part of what we’re doing here – and that’s how it should be.

Everyone says the customer comes first, right? But at ECT we consider our team members equal with our customer. If we’re all working to deliver for the customer, well we certainly can’t do it without a full field.

It comes down to respect. Our team members stay a long time because they know they are respected here for what they bring to the table. For more on this subject, watch my recent video: