In the world of small business, we’ve all heard this story:

“I thought the vendor was going to do X but they only did Y and now I feel like we overpaid.”

“I thought we were clear at the contract phase what our services include, but now we’ve got an unhappy customer.”

“I guess we have different points of view around what ‘as soon as possible’ means. The deadline was missed.”

What we focus on when coming to an agreement about a scope of work are the details. We make sure we’ve asked the proper questions to be sure we are on the same page with our customer. If we walk away from a contract meeting having never realized we were at different places with our understanding, then we’ve set ourselves up to not be successful.

We’re careful with our questions and are sure to follow-through. How many times have you heard about a business who “overpromises and under delivers?” It’s a common phrase, and one with which we do not want our business associated.

We are sure to get clear direction, absolute understanding and then we are able to come through for our customers.

My latest video in this series gives more insight and direction to this simple, but important, task.

Take a look at your list of questions and be sure you’ve got it covered when you leave your next big sales meeting. Reach out if you’ve got any questions.