Building Automation and HVAC Controls in Louisville, KY

ECT Services is a Small Business Enterprise servicing Louisville, KY.  Since 1981, we have continually provided Louisville businesses with sustainable, maintainable, efficient energy HVAC controls, building automation, and security.

At ECT Services we design, develop, install and integrate technology systems, such as HVAC controls, energy management, lighting, security, intrusion, and intercom.

ECT Services provides total automation and HVAC controls for Louisville, KY facilities thru web-based, real-time, graphical technology.

Installation of these building controls orchestrates:

  • Seamless automation of facility climate
  • Energy utilization analysis
  • Facility management systems
  • HVAC mechanical equipment
  • Lighting systems
  • Building security systems
  • Intrusion systems
  • Intercom systems

For over 30 years ECT services has helped facility managers with all manner of structures, including:

  • General Office
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Education

We strive to maintain lasting relationships with our customers to better serve their needs. This allows us to find solutions that achieve high-level efficiencies for managing building equipment and security. Count on our experienced team to identify your needs and provide solutions that will support your organization’s success.

Imagine your integrated building, as it becomes occupied or unoccupied, operating as needed without human intervention: utilizing energy efficiently in a secure environment. ECT Services can install an integrated automated system for your Louisville, KY structure using quality products and services, while working with your existing equipment, to create a flexible and full featured solution.

Converting your structure’s current, varied systems into one cohesive ‘integrated’ system is a powerful solution that steps up to the challenges modern businesses and organizations face today. Comprehensive integration of your structural HVAC controls, energy and security operations is key to unlocking:

  • Accessibility to crucial data to better determine energy strategy and performance
  • Efficiencies in energy consumption, operational costs and productivity
  • Ease of control with singular work station user interface
  • Flexibility to upgrade newer system software and hardware components working with your existing equipment seamlessly

To find out how ECT Services can help your Louisville facility with efficient energy HVAC controls, building automation, and security contact us today.