Photo by beholdereye.

Photo by beholdereye.

By now, most kids are back (or almost back) to school and parents are breathing a sigh of relief that the flurry of shopping, enrolling, orienting, and scheduling is finally over. During the summer, we worked with several area schools to install or upgrade their HVAC systems in time for school to start, and we’re proud to say you can send your kids back knowing that they’ll be comfortable all year long with our reliable equipment and ongoing service standards. Just a couple of tips to help you get off to a good start:

Send a sweater. Like the schools we partner with, most schools will have had their temperature control systems calibrated or replaced during the summer break, which means they’ll be running at top frosty capacity when your little ones settle into class. Send a sweater or jacket with your child even if the weather outside is still blazing, so he or she can stay comfortable and focused on the teacher if the classroom is just a little too chilly.

And a water bottle. Make sure your little ones have a reusable water bottle clearly labeled with their name. Gym and recess in the summer heat means kids need to stay hydrated during the day, and a short stop at the water fountain might not do the trick. Even into the winter months, kids need to stay hydrated, and having water available will help them focus on the task at hand rather than running to the water fountain.

Schedule an Eye Exam. Especially if your child complained of headaches or trouble seeing during the summer, making sure they can see what the teacher is doing is critical to their success. If you suspect your child may have trouble seeing the whiteboard from the back of the room, speak with his or her teacher to request a seat closer to the front, and let them know that your child may be having vision trouble.

Teach Proper Backpack Use. More and more, kids of all ages arrive home at the end of the day with a seemingly impossible mountain of homework and a backpack loaded down with heavy books and notepads. Carrying a backpack improperly can cause your child to suffer back pain, joint problems, and muscle aches. Teach your child to always use both straps of his or her backpack to evenly distribute the weight and reduce muscle strain. If necessary, check with your school’s administration to see if they allow rolling backpacks.

Stay safe and comfortable with these easy tips, and have a healthy and happy school year!