It’s amazing what happens when you show up!

This is one of our favorite sayings at ECT Services, Inc. It expresses our belief that when we show up to meet with customers or new potential clients, great things happen for them and for us!
There are lots of ways to “show up”, such as an introduction meeting, a networking event, a service call, a project meeting, and even social media is a way in which we “show up”.
We are excited to provide this blog space to bring meaningful discussions and thoughts about the customers and industries we serve. Our hope is by “showing up” in this manner, it brings value to the readers and sparks some interesting thoughts and even conjure up new ideas.
At ECT Services we design, develop, install and integrate technology systems, such as temperature controls, energy management, lighting, security, intrusion, and intercom.
We are an independent technology provider, in the business of making buildings sustainable, maintainable, energy efficient and safe.

Why is being “independent” important?

Did you know that only fifteen (15) cents of every dollar spent by national providers goes to support the local economy, while fifty-five (55) cents of every dollar spent with local independent providers goes to support the local economy. This is a huge variance and impactful when you think about how it impacts your organization.
Our vision is to be the premier independent provider of building technology solutions in the Ohio Valley.
Our mission is two-fold:
“To be the lifelong technology partner with our customers by exploring new and innovative technology solutions from implementation and continued service with integrity and confidence.”

“Our desire is for our customers to have an excellent experience while helping them make their buildings sustainable, maintainable, energy efficient and safe.“

We look forward to providing many interesting topics and discussions in the coming days. If you have not done so, please check out our website at
Jeff Murphy
President and CEO
ECT Services, Inc.