For several deadly, terrifying moments, a place of comfort and care became a scene of death and chaos.

An active shooter recently rampaged through a New York City hospital, wounding six and killing one before taking his own life. The shooter, a former doctor at the facility, deliberately targeted medical staff at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center. He took the life of a fellow doctor, and seriously wounded several doctors and medical students.
According to Becker Hospital Review, shootings in hospital are rare, with an average of only 14 per year. Most of the shootings – 33 percent – were the result of “grudges” according to the same study.

Revenge seems to be what motivated Dr. Henry Bello, the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center shooter. The former doctor resigned under pressure from Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in 2015 after being accused of sexually harassing a co-worker according to a story in the New York Times. The incident was part of pattern of troubling behavior that riddled the doctor’s life.

Workplace shootings are actually on the rise, and revenge by disgruntled former employees is often the motivation. According to the most recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, The most recent records by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace shootings increased by 15 percent to 354 in 2015, the first such increase since 2012.

What should employers do to protect workers, customers and others from disgruntled former employees bent on revenge?

Pay attention to patterns of disturbing behavior. Consider tracking workers who have been suspended or terminated.

Make active shooter training a part of regular safety and emergency planning.
Consider upgrading security options to include an active shooter detection system. The Guardian shot detection system by Shooter Detection Systems automatically detects when shots are fired and responds by alerting authorities, significantly reducing response time. The system can be integrated with other systems to lock doors, send messages and more.
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