Active Shooter Assessment


  • 1 to 2: No one reports seeing or hearing anything.
    3 to 4: Someone reports hearing a loud noise, but can’t clarify what it is.
    5 to 7: Someone reports seeing a person with a firearm.
    8 to 9: Someone reports seeing and hearing someone shoot a weapon.
    10: Utilization of Technology to confirm firearm was discharged with real time location, and timestamp.

  • 1 to 2: No information reported.
    3 to 4: The rumor mill sends dissimilar information throughout the organization.
    5 to 6: A key eye witness account is reported.
    7 to 8: Authoritative account of the activity is reports.
    8 to 9: Live video of the suspect is available and reporting in real time.
    10: Constant technology feed of the suspect’s location, room location, # of shots and continued confirmation of live weapon fire.

  • 1 to 2: No action taken.
    3 to 4: Building inhabitants muster into harm’s way.
    5 to 7: Fire alarm is utilized and the wrong authorities (Fire versus police) are notified.
    8 to 9: Mass notification is utilized and inhabitants muster safely.
    10: Immediate notification with direct communication, mass notification, immediate building or campus lockdown, with safe containment.
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