Active Shooter Response Plan

The following report is generated from the answers provided to the three (3) areas of the Active Shooter Preparedness Assessment (Detect, Notify, Act). The accuracy of the report is directly related to the accuracy of the answers provided. It is intended to be used as a tool to provide suggestions to improve preparedness for an active shooter event. Unfortunately, this report cannot eliminate the threat or actions of an active shooter.

Scores range from a low of three (3) to a high of thirty (30)

You scored 0 out of 30.

Score of 3 to 6

Score of 3 – 6: SEVERE RISK – Not Prepared

The organization is not prepared for an active shooter event. Little or no preparedness actions may have been taken to address how to detect, notify, and act in the event of an active shooter. The organization and its inhabitants are at severe risk of harm and injury in the event of an active shooter.

ACTIONS: The organization’s leadership needs to consider the reality of an active shooter event and work to develop and implement processes and procedures to detect, notify, and act on such an event.